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How the Yum Box works

The Yum Box, centered in the South West Oakville, provides a unique experience with a uniquely made charcuterie platter to satisfy not only your taste, but your Instagram profile when you share the wonderful photos of your box! No box is made alike and what you get is truly unique with an ever-changing assortment of cheeses, cured meats, Artisan crackers, baguettes, fruits, vegetables, spreads, preserves and dips!  

No wonder it's the #1 Oakville Charcuterie.

1. Select the Yum Box Style

Select from the Yum Box, the Cinema Box, the Sweet box or the Candy Box

2. Select the Yum Box Size

Each box is made to serve a specific number of people. Select the size that fits your needs. From a personal mini box, to a party size if needed.

Oakville Charcuterie and Platter Boxes

3. Select Pickup or Delivery

Pickup is available in Oakville at no charge. Checkout for your delivery options, delivery availability and rates.

4. Make your payment to start

Make your payment to start the order. Once payment has been received, your Yum Box will be prepared. You will be notified when ready!

Ready to get started?

The Yum Box Style

Premium Charcuterie  and Platters

The Original:  Our standard & all time favourite. A variety of high quality cured meats & cheeses, Artisan crackers & baguettes, spreads dried &fresh fruits and nuts. 

The Sweet Box: A variety of delicious sweets ranging from cookies, chocolates, pastries, doughnuts, fresh/dried fruits and an assortment of delicious desserts.

The Candy Box: A variety of all time favourites, Skittles, Gummy Bears, Sour Keys, Gummy Worms, Fuzzy Peaches, Twizzlers and much more! 

The Cinema Box: A variety of all time favourite concession foods right at home - Pandemic style. From Movie theatre style popcorn, nacho & dip, to Twizzlers. All you need is a movie! 

Yum Box Size

Each box is put together with attention to detail and of course love, to allow you to indulge in only the best! Select the size to fit your needs:

  • Micro Box (4x4)
    Our add-on box
  • XS Box (6x6)
    Just enough for one person
  • Small Box (8x8)
    For the two who want to share
  • Medium Box (10x10)
    For 3-5 people 
  • Large Box (12x16)
    For 6-8 people  
  • XL Box (14x19)
    For 9-12 people  

Pickup or Delivery

Thank you for your support

Delivery rates:

*Orders outside of Oakville & Burlington, must be a minimum of $65 (Delivery fee not included in the minimum order.)*

Contactless pickup and delivery.

Please read: It is the sender's full responsibility to ensure that the recipient is there to receive the perishable goods*
In case no one is home, we will leave the goods in the best area possible.
We do not try to re-deliver.

Select your Yum Box now!

What's so special about our Yum Boxes?

Premium Chacruterie Food

Our Food

Our Yum Boxes are created to be enjoyable, to look great but most importantly, with high quality, gourmet products from around the world.

Eco friendly packaging

Our Boxes

Our Yum Boxes are FDA & eco-friendly, recyclable packaging & products to ensure you not only eat healthy, but keep the environment safe.

Get your order same day

Same Day Availability

Most "competing" charcuterie or platter boxes need to be pre-ordered days or weeks in advance. Fresh, same day delivery options *when available*