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The Yum Box
The Yum Box
The Yum Box
The Yum Box
The Yum Box
The Yum Box
The Yum Box

The Yum Box

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The Original Yum Box is a Charcuterie platter of your dreams. With a combination of high quality cured meats, cheese, artisan baguettes or crackers/crisps, dried and fresh fruits, cornichons, spreads and nuts, it's sure to be Yummy!

The Yum Box comes in four sizes, from a single serve to a box for up to 12 to share.

Treat Yourself - Serves 1 
Just the Two of us - Serves 2
Family Time - Serves 3-5
Dinner Party - Serves 6-8
Grand Luxe - Serves 9-12 

Every Yum Box is put together at the time of pick up/delivery date , to ensure freshness and to accommodate your taste. No Yum Box will be the same and the shown photos are samples of previous  orders. 

Each Yum Box will contain a mixture of the below ingredients in order to create a unique Charcuterie platter just for you.

Cured Meat: Sopressata, Prosciutto, Speck, Coppa, Lonzino, Bresaola and much more!
Cheese: Brie, Goat Cheese, Blue Cheese, Manchego, Aged Cheddar and much more!
Baguette, Crackers & Crisps:
An assortment of Artisan crackers, baguettes & crisps
Fruit: An array of fresh seasonal fruit (grapes, cherries, peaches, figs, berries, pears) and dried fruit (apricots, figs, pineapple, coconut) 

Yum Boxes include jelly, jam and/or fig & vegetable spread; honeycomb or honey sticks; nuts and cornichons.

***As the availability of ingredients changes, the above are just examples only of what you may see in your Yum Box. Our boxes are never made identical to another box.*** The accompaniments vary as the box is bigger in size. Each box is made with a unique design. We typically rotate our cheeses every month.*

 If you have a major food allergy we advise that you do not order from The Yum Box. Although we do try our best to accommodate mild allergens, we do not guarantee no cross contamination.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Diane Sealy

I have been using Yum Box for a couple of years now. I am in Nova Scotia and love to send these boxes to my Mom in Oakville Ontario. Every time she gets one, she RAVES about it for days. Everything in the box (cheese) is always fresh, plentiful and delicious. Mom also adores the little side box of treats. She is 92 so nibbling is her thing. I will absolutely be using the Yum box again. They have come through time and time again! Great customer service, great treats/


Always thrilled with the charcuterie yum box. Do yourself a favour and order one.


My favourite go to for charcuterie. Never disappointed, you can tell all the creations are crafter different and unique. Product is always fresh and best of quality. We have ordered for multiple occasions and always a big hit! I’m a super fan!


Yum Box never disappoints
Fresh ingredients and packaged so beautifully. I’ve ordered many for my dad and stepmom. They always enjoy receiving them


Little variation in cheeses. All on the stronger/funky side.